Online Dating at Brahmakshatriya Shaadi

1. I have created or updated my profile, but it is not visible on site
A. The profiles are reviewed by administrator before they go live. So please wait for 24 hours.

2. I have uploaded photo but it is not visible on site
A. Same as above, photos first get reviewed. Also make sure photo size is not too large, edit and resize in paint or other such software before uploading.

3. I am not able to see other profiles
A. As the site is paid, you need to upgrade your profile by paying the fees.

4. I get "phising url" warning in Kaspersky
A. Go to KIS > Settings > Web Antivirus > Settings > Trusted Urls > Add >* > OK

5. I had profile with site, but now I am not able to login.
A. Make sure you have created a new profile with the new site, old site profiles are not valid. Or your new site profile might be deleted if you did not pay membership fees. Or you broke site rules like asking other member to become just a friend or searching match for your other family members or cousins etc. Which is strictly not allowed.

6. Can parents join as user and enter matrimony details for their sons / daughters.
A. Yes. But have the profile name of the candidate and put details of candidate only.

7. Why my account is suspended?
A. The site was free for 3 years starting 2008, now it is a paid membership. Free members are allowed to check the site for few days after which their profile is suspended, however on payment they will get activated again. Details for payment are here Membership Fees

If you still have question please email us. Use the contact link at bottom.